Thoughts on Mother's Day 2017 (a few days later)

A few thoughts on Mother's Day , a couple of days later.

You know that classic book "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstien?

 I read that book to both of my sons as they grew up. Although they enjoyed, it was never my favorite.  I found the pathos of giving until there was barely anything left and then only wishing to do more, deeply disturbing. I mean how sad to give your leaves, your fruit, your limbs/branches, your very trunk! To wind up as a stump to be sat on...Ugh. To be so under appreciated. It was pathetic. 

And then the strangest thing happened. My boys grew up and left. One and then 6 years later the other.  In pursuit of their dreams they flew. And I was left with the empty nest. And guess what? 

It comes as a shock! LOL! I'm not being dramatic. It goes really fast!  One day it is over. And no matter how smart, or forward thinking you are or even prepared, it rocks your world. BIG TIME. I was left with a hole in my heart.  

The time of mothering children, gestating, birthing, breast feeding, holding, caring, loving, dressing, teaching, guiding, offering, the time of homework and driving, activities and applications, Prepping and proms, this TIME of DEVOTION is FINITE. Yes, it has an end. 

One day it is over. Really! It is! Yes as a parent I never really took it in that one day the dynamic would change in a big way. But IT DOES!

They leave the nest. They go to college. Yes they come home, sometimes. Yes, they love you. But, well they go out and make their own lives. If you are lucky they are happy to share them with you. 

IT was then that I realized, gasp, that I am that tree. Oh yes! Hallelujah! I got it! How very blessed I am to have been and continue to be that tree. What a GIFT it is to LOVE, To CARE, like that. 

This Mother's Day, my youngest son, a freshman in college, wrote me a beautiful card in which he said,

I promise that it won't be like the giving tree. I will make enormouse efforts to give back to the greatest mom ever! 

(of course I cried)

Little does he know.

I wish for both of my sons that one day they know the gifts and lessons of love and devotion like their mom, The Giving Tree.