The earth turns and the days and weeks go by with such dizzying velocity that it all seems like a great big blur! Seasons fly by before our eyes and under our noses.   And shockingly, here we are accelerating into the end of the 2017! 

Fortunately we humans throughout history and universally across cultures, have devised JOYFUL ways to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the gifts of our existence.

We call them HOLIDAYS and they are here!

The Holidays, or HOLY DAYS essentially allow us the space and time to remember what is most PRECIOUS, even SACRED, in our lives. The holidays first and foremost are meant to be a break from our day-to-day routines of working, efforting and focusing on survival and the material. They are meant to be a shift from the material realm into the heart and soul of living. They permit us a pause, providing the opportunity to honor and WHOLEHEARTEDLY revel in our most simple and precious pleasures like our health, happiness, home and hearth, and most importantly togetherness! 

At the very HEART of the holidays is LOVE and CONNECTION, connection with our families, friends, colleagues, our community and of course ourselves.

Our Yoga too is all about love and connection. The various practices of yoga and meditation are designed to clear the way to your highest, most loving, compassionate and joyful self. By moving through tension, toxicity and pain in the body, past the chatter and negative thought patterns in the mind, and by cultivating compassionate awareness of our process we find our way to the heart.  And that always feels good!

The Holidays are THE time to BE wholehearted and generous, holding nothing back. Because in being wholehearted, all in, fully present and in love, we get the gift character EVERYTHING!


“For it is in giving that we receive.”

Francis of Assisi


So whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, or any combination thereof, I wish you all the gifts that wholehearted living. love and connection offer. As your dedication to your practice grows and the transformative effects become more and more known in your life, I wish for you and yours a holiday season supported by the health of your bodies, calmed by the clarity of your minds, warmed by the love and laughter in your hearts and lifted by the lightness of your spirits.


Love and Practice Always,