Lisa is a true inspiration to myself and to many others.  I am not alone in my opinion because her classes are jam packed.  Lisa practices all eight limbs of yoga, through her intent, her actions, and her dedication to practice and to her students.  She is a constant reminder to me about striving to be my best self.
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  Buddhist proverb.
After many years of practicing and teaching yoga, I am proud to consider that teacher, mentor and friend to be Lisa Bondy.
-Marina Groothuis

A true teacher's teacher. Lisa lives the life of a yogi both on and off the mat. Her dedication to her community and desire to help others shine through her teachings in the yoga space. She has the ability to connect with each and every one of her students, encouraging them to believe their efforts are limitless. As a student and friend of Lisa's, I can attest to this belief as she has taken me far beyond my "limits" in a safe and nurturing environment. Through Lisa's many years of experience draws extensive knowledge that she bestows upon her students. I am truly grateful for this knowledge and the tools Lisa has provided me, both as a teacher and as a human being.
-Jenni Falcone


I have been privileged to practice with Lisa Bondy for over 10 years.  Over the years I have had many wonderful teachers- but Lisa is the one who has most influenced my path as a yogi. In class her wisdom, spirituality, compassion and thorough knowledge of asana and assists create a transformative experience.  Last summer I completed the intensive teacher training with Lisa. She created a warm learning community where we felt fully supported as she expertly guided our sangha on our own paths to becoming teachers. I have also been lucky enough to to taste Lisa's amazing vegan cooking and I look forward to being able to purchase her prepared foods.  Additionally I have participated in her cleanse which helped me feel better inside and out while enjoying delicious juices and foods.  Lisa is a true teacher and a pillar of the community!
 -Carrie Diamond, RYT 200, LMHC
Lisa has brought grace, balance and strength to my life. In life's most challenging moments, I see Lisa, and get focused. Not to mention I never thought in a million years I would be standing on my head or flying or back bending over an imaginary wagon wheel.-Mindy Germain
I have had the privilege of knowing Lisa Bondy since walking into her class with my wife in January of 2010. Soon thereafter, Lisa became my Yoga teacher. While I was initially drawn to her compassionate teaching style, my appreciation for her knowledge, intelligence and integrity has grown exponentially with each of our interactions. Anyone who knows me knows that I have attended literally thousands of her classes. In 2011 I attended a 200 hour teacher training in which Lisa was instrumental in deepening my knowledge of Yoga theory as well as my practice. Lisa has enriched her own practice and teaching style by studying with such luminaries as Pattabi Jois, Sarath Jois, Dharma Mittra, David Swenson, Shelly Washington, Tim Miller, Nancy Gilgoff, Richard Freeman, Eddie Stern, Alan Finger and many other outstanding teachers. The amalgam of her experiences have combined with her aforementioned personal attributes to create an innovative, highly motivational Yogic experience for all who attend her classes, partake in her cleanses and lifestyle counseling sessions as well as her teacher trainings. I know that I am and will be forever grateful to Lisa Bondy for being my teacher, friend and colleague and look forward to continuing on this journey with her.
- Gene Goldin

Throughout my yoga journey I have found that the most fabulous teachers have talents far beyond that of the asanas. There is an Ora about them that centers you, a calmness that focuses you, and a spirit that warms you. Lisa bondy is one of these teachers and I am so blessed to know her and practice with her.

-Abra DiLisio 

Lisa Bondy is a talented, skillful, creative and inspiring yoga teacher.  I started practicing yoga in my fifties and initially thought my practice would consist of restorative yoga and meditation. Lisa was encouraging and inspiring ~ and somehow I became stronger physically and mentally.  She also introduced me to the practice, philosophy and benefits of Ashtanga Yoga and for that I am forever grateful.  

-Lynne Dinner

Teaching training with Lisa is a sacred treasure of blessings.  Warm, direct and accessible.  She helped to create a learning sangha (a learning community), with the power and beauty of her body, mind and soul.  Practicing with Lisa is an invitation to enter a spiritual world that link each of us to ages past, stretches our imaginations beyond space and time, and envelopes us in all that is true and essential about life itself.

Rabbi Jodie Siff


It’s difficult to put into words the impact that Lisa Bondy has had on my life. From the moment i met her, she has been a true teacher, mentor and friend and continues to play that role in a greater capacity each and every day. Lisa understands what it means to be a yogi and lives her truth day in and day out. She has extensive knowledge that she imparts on her students daily, and emanates love and light in all that she does. Just spend 5 minutes in one of Lisa's packed classes and you’ll know what I mean. Lisa has pushed me to places both in my practice and spiritually that i never thought were possible. She has opened my eyes to all things yoga, making me fall in love with the practice, philosophy and history along the way. I feel incredibly lucky to continue to learn from Lisa, forever her student.

- Dani Friedman