I wake up with this MOUNTAIN in my heart
Every morning.
Its roots run deep fast into darkness.  
Like life passing before my eyes.
Isolated images sharp as arrows. 
Golden veins of light.  
Hope, like the downy yellow feathers on the goslings at the pond in spring. 
Soft breeze chilly and bittersweet, whispering
Red hot lava flow from peaks like fearful fingers gripping into rock.
Nothing solid. 
Losses and gains, tip and balance and tip again,
like a dancer bleeding and laughing on a wire in a ring of fire. 
Iron and steel doors surround the shameful sadness no one knows. 
Pray to the kind or indifferent universe. 
Whose arms can rock this child?
Oh Patanjanli, oh guruji,  call to my heart. 
Comfort in the practice that moves mountains. 
You Do.

Lisa Bondy

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”  
🌳Mother Theresa🌳
Happy EARTH DAY everyone!
Be good to yourself. Be good to each other. Be good to the planet. Be kind. Be loving. Be wise. 
We not only inhabit this planet earth that sustains us and nurtures us, but we have this planet within us. 
We are all one. What goes around comes around. 
This is the wisdom of no escape. There is no getting around it, under it, above it or below it. There is no 'away' to dump our plastic non-biodegradable garbage and toxic waste. It all ends up in our air, our water, our food, our bodies as poison. 💀
Remember the wisdom of no escape and CARE for this beautiful green planet, the Mother of Us All. 
Remember to care for Mother Earth IS to care for yourself, and vice versa.
Join me for a special Earth Day Open Flow Practice as we rise up with an inspirational Earth Day playlist and meditation. Sunday 4/22 9:45-11 CWIM.