Post Election Day PTSD Parable

Spent the day in a fog really. Hit the mat early and hard, moved past the numbness as tears flowed from my broken heart. Drank a couple kombuchas (funny and true) to take the edge off the pain of having to explain the virtues of our democracy and the smooth transition of power to my son who voted for the first time, and who, like his mom, NEVER saw this coming. He railed at the idea of contiuning to live in this country where a man who assaults women, is a racist and bigot, and has no regard for civil rights is elected to the highest office in the land, while I offered the cold comfort that the popular vote went to Hillary.
I am furious with the Democratic leadership and with the pundits for not seeing this coming and for failing to do something about it! I feel betrayed. I feel out of touch with the pulse of the people. It was my sons, both men, with whom I arrogantly argued that Hillary was more apt to win against Trump, while they were certain it was Bernie. I now believe that they were right and the old guard, myself included, were very wrong.
I am outraged that for the second time in our history in only 15 years, due to strategic gerrymandering, the democratic candidate for president won the popular vote but lost the election. (Last time was Bush/Gore, the three times before that were all in the 19th century.) 
I felt shaken to my core and vulnerable today unlike anything I have ever experienced, as a result of politics, in my life. And though I was sleep deprived and dejected today, I came in to work, to PRACTICE and to TEACH. It was my intention to offer an opportunity to my friends to come together within and without. It was my intention to hold a space where we could stand together and know that we had each others backs and that we are not alone in this surreal experience. I never thought that I would be tested!
And then appeared this guy, like a dementor from Harry Potter who sensed my weakness and swooped in to suck the life-force out of me. Seriously, I have never in my 17 year teaching career had a more distasteful person in the room. 
Admittedly dazed and disoriented, but still my usual good hearted self, I didn't really get what was happening for at least half the class. Then it was clear, he was rude, disruptive, outright disrespectful to ME personally! Not my imagination. LOL! Wow! This is what came to me today of all days. Not a coincidence. This day of disbelief and sadness. This day when I had so little left.
Hah! I thought how powerful I must be an a regular basis to thwart evil from my space, that something like this has nary happened before! 
Like an evil spirit for an Isaac Bashevis Singer story, he left before I had a chance to show him the door. I am happy to say that the space and the intention was restored to the awareness of the strength and power of love and connection. Together we renewed our commitment to dedicate our thoughts, words and actions to the peace and well being of all. 
Let us never give up the courage of our convictions. Let us stand for justice. Let us live in truth. Let us be guided and defined by our best hopes and dreams and shine a bright light into the darkness. 
Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu
Namaste people <3